Experience the Natures Beauty

The Olotayan Island

Philippine Archipelago is abundant on having too much natures blessings. There are many tourist spot in the Philippines. Many foreigners are visiting the country because of the famous tourist spots. The most famous one is the Boracay beach Resort, where you can find the famous white sand beaches.

There is one island that has also the beauty of  Boracay Island, it has also white sand beaches and the most better fact is, it is not as crowded and more peaceful than Boracay Island.  It almost took an hour from a boat ride from barangay banica boat port n Roxas City,  this barangay is blessed with serene shores with white sand mixing with corals washed ashore by strong waves, Olotayan Beach offers a tranquil and relaxing experience. If you have a hassle and stress living with the busy life in the city, it is the best place to unwind and relax.

With clear waters and a rural setting, where sea waves and occasional laughter’s from kids playing at a distance, this place really fits for a perfect place for a honeymoon, or if you are one of those busy businessmen, it is a great gate away to nature and feel the calmness of the island.

With relatively few visitors and tourists visiting the area, the place remains as placid and native all through the years.  Despite its short distance from the city, the place has maintained its rustic view, thus giving visitors an opportunity to be close to nature.  With most native folks still adhering to rural way of life, the most sophisticated tourists will find ways to commune with Mother Nature and a chance to get back to the basic of living and witness for themselves the way it used to be with no cars, large buildings and other infrastructures the city have. Others who lives and who have gone to this place called it mini Boracay because of the clear waters, especially white sand beaches. Trully belongs to tourist spots in capiz.

Olotayanons are blessed to settle here in such a beautiful place. Despite of living away from the city, the people here are contended to live in such a simple life. You can simply notice the hospitality of the people by showing their smiles and warm greetings as you stroll around the island.

Most of the men in the island is often busy doing or rather fixing their fish nets or boats. If you try to walk along the small cemented-footway, you can probably met kids playing with everyone; witnessing their innocent smile makes you feel how they are happy to have such life. You will also notice some teens carrying their laundry to help their mothers. Olotaynons are productive even with their own little and significant way of living.